Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday sales are expanding from one frantic day to one thoroughly crazed week.

Black Friday is the name given to the twenty-four hour period following Thanksgiving Day.  Since the early fifties in the USA. this fourth Friday of November was regarded as the beginning of the winter shopping season. Originally the day served as a reminder for shoppers to get moving. There was only one more month to purchase their holiday gifts.

The slogan “Black Friday” was not applied to this shopping date until the 2000’s. It was actually a sign of an upcoming economic downturn. This advertising campaign reflected the  desperation of retailers to remain financially “in the black” rather than falling “in the red.” Black Friday’s first online appearance may have been on Deals of America in 2003.

It was wasn’t hard to reshape this day into an over-the top occasion. Most shoppers had the day after Thanksgiving off from work. Stores were willing to stay open from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. Uniformed security guards were available to handle the hordes. High pitches of excitement were generated by sacrificing “big ticket” items for insanely low prices.

Today you ask any reasonable person what they think of “Black Friday” they will groan. Many of us are sensible shoppers but there are masses willing to go through anything for a bargain. And listen to this, no end to the madness is in sight. This year many larger retailers began their early or pre-Black Friday sales  up to seven full days ahead of the actual event.

Of course, Black Friday falls on a Friday in Scorpio. It is the influence of extreme Scorpio on kind Friday has corrupted this innocuous tradition of giving gifts. There is one side of Scorpio that redeems, and another side that exploits. One aspect of this Sun Sign uplifts and the other degrades. The exact manner in which Scorpio operates depends upon our intentions.

Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, harmony and pleasure. In normal situations it creates appreciation and contentment. When Venus energy is debased it comes across as jaded and coarse. While gift givers may exhibit a high measure of kindness during the holidays, our run-away, voracious  marketplace would bankrupt us all if it could.