Dayology in our Relationships

There’s a good deal of Dayology in all of our associations – friends, co-workers, parents or children. Dayology is the reason why we experience satisfaction with certain people and friction with others. And of course, Dayology is right there in the personalities of sports figures, film stars and royalty. 

Take our word for it – Dayology makes the world go round. We don’t have to lift a finger to understand the dramas created right in front of our nose.  Dayology works in the lives of people who live down the street and billions we will never meet. We can’t stop Dayology from intervening in our lives no matter how we might try. Dayology creates the texture between all of us as we try so hard to be ourselves. 


The first person you should check out is yourself. Use the Dayology Calculator to discover your Day Ray and Sun Sun. See if you can feel the difference between your INNER and OUTER selves.

Go ahead and look around. Gather the birth dates of the people in your life. Look up their Day Rays and, Sun Signs. Give their individual  natures some thought. Do you see any connections? 

Of course, you can check out your favorite stars. Just keep in mind that everything you hear about them may not be true. Singers, musicians and actors really do have private lives.

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