Is She Engaged?

Is there an engagement in the future for Katie Holmes? Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are one of the lowest profile pairs in Hollywood. For that reason strange rumors swirl continuously around them. Right now people are wondering if an engagement on the horizon for these two and if not, why not. Recently it  was reported that Holmes was upset because Foxx purchased a home for his ex-girlfriend and child. Another report claimed that Holmes was terrified of getting hurt by Foxx who had a reputation as a “cheater.” Before that Katie was restrained by her “quickie divorce” from Tom Cruise” from revealing any romances five years?  And so it goes.

When gossip columnists know so little about celebrities they fill in the blanks with wild suppositions. After pondering how individuals get so excited about relationships other than their own, we conclude that they get a life of their own. So how are the inquiries of of different from outrageous gossip? By studying the Sun Signs and Day Rays we accept and respect the choices that people make as right for themselves.

The Dayology Analysis

Katie Holmes
Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes was born on a Monday in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. This makes the Moon her INNER ruler and Jupiter her OUTER ruler. Inwardly she is soft and impressionable. Outwardly she is optimistic and open. These qualities prompt her to act as a caring and responsible parent. She drew the line regarding the narrow upbringing that her daughter was to receive in the Scientology Church and made her decisions accordingly.

Jamie Foxx was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Mercury operates as his INNER ruler and Jupiter is his OUTER ruler. Inwardly he is bright and insightful. Foxx is said to be a polymath, or a person whose personal expertise spans any number of subject areas. This means that Foxx approaches his life widely and deeply like a Renaissance man.

The greatest compatibility between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx is that both are positive thinking Sagittarians. Their actual birth dates are quite close. Still it is the Sagittarian nature to be only be happy with the freedom to to come and go as they please. An old saying advises that if the barn door is left open. it’s pretty certain the horses will return before dusk.

In the case of two people with the same Sun Sign, the rule is that having different Day Rays creates contrasts that cannot be ignored. Holmes is a inner Moon type – Imaginative, sensitive and nurturing. Foxx is an INNER Mercury type – bright, informed and creative. They may never see exactly eye-to-eye but these differences are their most important gifts to one-another.

It appears that this couple is behaving perfectly according to their Dayology energies. They are enjoying themselves and only revealing as much of their relationship as they see fit. If they were ever to become engaged, we can be sure that it will not happen until they feel ready to take that step.