Steep Increases and Sharp Declines

At a time when Covid-19 virus has infected more than 56 million people worldwide and killed over 1.3 million, everyone needs to be aware of the danger and do their part to reduce the spread.

Every U.S. state is reporting steep rises in cases in contrast to a sharp decline that is being experienced in the countries of Europe. Belgium reports that last week, the daily average of hospital admissions dropped 24% and new infections fell 39%. The U.N. health agency states it was “the strengthening of public health and social measures” that mades the difference between rising and falling numbers. The question is why do we see such great resistance toward issuing and enforcing these health safety practices in certain U.S. States, like Florida?

Florida remains one of 16 states without a mask mandate. In September Governor Ron DeSantis moved Florida into Stage 3, which lifted all statewide coronavirus restrictions on businesses and removed enforcement of local cities mask mandates. Now with cases spiking in the Sunshine State and holiday traveling expected, it only makes sense for Florida to reconsider it’s policies and protect Floridians. Otherwise our hospitals and morgues will be incapacitated.

This Wednesday a coalition of five Florida mayors attempted to convince Governor DeSantis that he needed to reverse his policies. On Thursday two of these mayors, Rick Kriseman from St. Petersburg and Dan Gelber from Miami, appeared on the MSNBC Meet the Press Daily to plead their case. In response DeSantis tweeted that he had met with Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar this week to talk about distribution of a vaccine. “We also discussed the availability of the new monoclonal antibody treatment & the promising prospects of this new therapeutic,” echoing the exact obtuse messaging of our out-of-touch president.

These two mayors point out that Governor DeSantis cares more about holding on to his voters than assisting frontline workers and those with underlying health threats. For some time now concerned individuals in the Sun Shine state have asked if DeSantis is pushing to implement the “herd Immunity strategy” and expects to starve the virus by killing off hundreds of thousands, mostly people of color, the aged and the poor. It has also been questioned why DeSantis wants to give Trump a second term when so many U.S. governors are looking forward to getting help from the new Biden administration. The answer is simply that Ron DeSantis is a Trumper.

The Dayology Analysis

Mayor Rick Kriseman

Mayor Dan Gelber

Governor Ron DeSantis

At it is our conviction that the seven planetary energies are always at work within human nature and present in every situation that takes place. So to demonstrate the certainty of our claims we take this simple news story and track the energies of the players and the plot.

The role that Jupiter plays in this little drama is strong. All three players have Jupiter as one of their signature rulers. Two of them are Thursday’s children and the third is a Sagittarian. So each of individuals embodies some the optimistic and expansive qualities of the largest planet in our solar system. They only differ in the manner that they use this abundance of energy. Some use it for primarily for others and some use it solely for themselves

The strong presence of Jupiter is to be expected in political situations, local and nationally. These three men are players. Jupiter, in the human sphere, makes for good ambassadors, magistrates and mayors because they sense the larger principles and desire to make life better for others. They can also be “big talkers” sometimes promising much and delivering little. A Jupiter type who keeps his or her word is someone you want around.

Rick Kriseman was born on Thursday and in the zodiac sign of Leo. He is naturally a person of good will and good times. Jupiter is the INNER ruler of Thursday and the Sun directs the OUTGOING nature of a Leo. Kriseman naturally radiates kindness, when he is solving the problems of others. He is inclined to treat himself and his loved ones graciously.

Dan Gelber was born on Saturday and in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Saturn is the ruler of his INNER self and Jupiter guides his OUTER personality. He can be somewhat stern regarding his own behavior and personal goals, but he is all smiles affirming the good things of the world. Saturn and Jupiter make a great team when it comes to creating a balanced an individual.

Ron DeSantis was born on Thursday and in the zodiac sign of Virgo. Jupiter is the ruler of his INNER self and Mercury directs his OUTER personality. His Jupiter Day Ray desires the power to affect the lives of others, but his Virgo Sun Sign limits his ability to govern according his mental outlook. The problem is that DeSantis is currently over concerned with political interests.

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