Whose Famous Face Is This?

If you thought this sultry female was Kim Kardashian, you are close but no cigar! The true identity of this woman is Kamilla Osman. And she has made it her job to look exactly like Kim Kardashian. She has fashioned herself into Kim Kardashian’s closest look-alike.


Kamilla Osman who looks
remarkably like Kim Kardashian

Right now the face of Kim Kardashian is the #1 female appearance being requested of plastic surgeons. Her facial features are so popular that there is a Kim K Package giving women the exact look that they want. The numbers of Kim Kardashian look-alikes are growing every year. Kardashian is is widely known having starred (as herself) in the famous E! reality television series Keeping Up with The Kardashians. (2007–2021). According to Forbes Magazine she is estimated as worth $1 billion and it is primarily because she makes sure that she gets noticed.

Sex Tapes

Photo Ops

Feature Pieces

Publicity Stunts

In contrast Kamilla Osman is an Instagram Star who designs clothing, writes songs and sings. Her prime obsession is to resemble Kim Kardashian as closely as possible. The most important factor in the nearly identical looks of these two women are their Middle-Eastern genes. Osman is Canadian, but her ethnicity is Azerbaijani.  She states “I am Azeri, which borders Armenia. Most girls in my country have the same look.” Kardashian is American but all four of her grandparents on her father’s side were Armenian from the Turkish towns of Karakale and Erzurum. The map below shows the proximity of these two small countries.

According to Kamilla “… it is the long dark hair, almond eyes and olive skin tone, skinny face which makes us alike.” She admits that as a teen she enhanced her lips with injections and her nose was reshaped with plastic surgery correcting a medical problem, but otherwise all her efforts center around wardrobe, make-up and hairstyle. The same cannot be said about Kim. She denies having any surgical help, despite the rumors that her even features and curvy figure are not gifts generously so bestowed upon her by mother nature. During a recent photoshoot Kardashian was confronted by Allure editor Anika Reed regarding the perfection of her facial features and finally she owned up to using Botox, but absolutely nothing else.

Recently on the Watch What Happens Live Kim was asked if she ever gets ‘freaked out’ when fans get plastic surgery to make themselves look like her. She replied “I think people should do whatever makes them happy. And I think that people should also like to be themselves and be an individual.” She added “But I’m flattered that … they’d want to look like me.”  

October 21, 1980 
Kim Kardashian

March 31, 1995 
Kamilla Osman

Kim Kardashian was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Libra. Mars is the ruler of her INNER SELF and her OUTER SELF is governed by Venus. Individuals born with the #31 TUE LIB Dayology Signature have a strong need to be recognized socially. They want to be noticed and rewarded, consequently they will do whatever it takes to get whatever they want.

Kamilla Osman was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Aries. Venus is the ruler of her INNER SELF and her OUTER SELF is governed by Mars. Those born with with the #61 FRI ARI Dayology Signature are not afraid of starting off on new ventures. They often have a significant talent in one of the expressive arts, including composing, singing, painting or dance.

In an Entertainment Tonite interview Kammy spoke to what she saw as the differences between Kim and herself. She replied “Kim is very reserved, calm and collected, and me, I am like a storm.” So it is Kammy’s opinion that she is more extraverted than her celebrity lookalike. And she is right as far as personality goes. Still Kim can draw down far more will than ever can be imaged. This difference in temperament is no-doubt created by the reversed position of their two planetary rulers. Kim’s Inner Self is TUESDAY ruled by Mars and her Outer Self is governed by Venus. Kammie’s Inner Self is FRIDAY ruled by Venus and her Outer Self is governed by Mars. That’s it!

From the Dayology vantage point Kamilla has the inside-out replica of Kimberly. Kammie acknowledges that she’s been labeled the Walmart version of Kim, probably because she does not have the millions to doll herself up, but she gives it a good try. She is photographed wearing coifs and clothing that reflect Kim’s expensive tastes and raw manner of exhibiting her body. But that’s what we would expect from Mutual Reception between Venus and Mars.

Elsewhere on Dayology.com it is explained that a Mutual Reception occurs when two planets are placed in the other’s sign of rulership. So the two signatures are composed of the same exact energies but just arranged differently. This configuration is rare as there are 84 signatures and 7056 variations. The mutual reception occurs for any pair born on these two dates and most will never meet. Social media allowed these two celebrities to take notice of one another.

Kardashian and Osmond appeared together in an episode of KUWTK arranged to surprise Kim, and from the video it is clear that the two of of them knew of each other’s existence, but had not yet met. Both showed a measure of Mars curiosity covered over with a layer of even more polished Venus correctness. The arts of mimicry and fakery are complex acts accompanied by complicated consequences. Also coming face to face with one’s “doppleganger” does not happen everyday. As would be expected a “selfie” of the two was taken and posted online.

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