She Kept the Dress

Usually when a woman makes a point of saving a particular dress, it represents a favorable moment in time, something that she wants to remember. It could be wedding dress, a prom gown, or the sports uniform in which she broke an athletic record.

In other cases women keep a garment because it is proof of a crime that otherwise might be difficult to prove. Back in 1997 Monica Lewinsky was advised to pack away the dress that she wore having “sex” with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office. It was her “friend” Linda Tripp who taped their calls and handed them over to the Independent Counsel Kenneth Star whose intentions were to defame the president. It was never Monica’s desire to betray or exploit her relationship with Clinton; the stains on her blue dress told the story.

E. Jean Carroll saved the dress she was wearing the day that she was was sexually assaulted by Donald J. Trump in a dressing room of an upscale NYC department store. The entire experience lasted about three minutes, but she states that it was so horrific that she hasn’t had sex since then. In 2019 her book, What Do We Need Men For? the identities of the 21 Most Hideous Men in her life was published and Donald Trump was one of them. That was not surprising as to date at least a dozen other women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct since the 1970s.

“So, we have lucky things and this dress was
unlucky. So when I hung it up, I wasn’t thinking,
‘Oh, this is a talisman.’ I just never wanted to put
it on again because it had horrible memories,”
she said. “So it just hung there. I didn’t bag it up.
I didn’t do anything, just sat there behind the
raincoat. That’s it.” ~ E. Jean Carroll

It’s not that Donald Trump hasn’t enough legal trouble, but this week the former president was forced to answer questions under oath in a lawsuit filed by E. Jean Caroll. The deposition gave Carroll’s lawyer the opportunity to interrogate Trump about her assault allegations, plus the statements caling Carroll a liar and a person that he had never met. “I don’t know this woman, have no idea who she is, other than it seems she got a picture of me many years ago, with her husband, shaking my hand on a reception line at a celebrity charity event,” Carroll said she files this lawsuit on behalf of each woman who has faced harassment, assault, or belittlement.

E. Jean Carroll, her husband with Donald Trump and
Ivana Trump enjoying a social event.

So what about Carroll’s dress? Her lawyers claim that the garment contains the DNA of an identified male. They have demanded that Trump submit DNA as part of the suit. It isn’t clear if he has done so or will be compiled to do so. What is she asking for as damages? Carroll’s lawsuit asks for an unspecified amount of monetary damages to be determined at trial, and for the court to order Trump to retract his allegedly defamatory statements. And why did she wait so long? E. Jean Carroll like many women could not bring herself to speak of what had happened to her. Then she was left go from ELLE magazine after 30 years of writing a popular advice column for publishing her first book  “What Do We Need Men For?” which accused then President Trump.

It was at that time she sued then-President Donald Trump for defamation for his remarks about her. This case is scheduled to go to trial on February 6, 2023 and Carroll attorneys have stated that they intend to file a second lawsuit against Trump under New York’s newly passed Adult Survivors Act, which gives adults who were victims of sexual assault a one-year period in which to file litigation against their abusers if the statute of limitations has otherwise expired.

“Our client filed this lawsuit to prove that Donald Trump lied about sexually assaulting her and to restore her credibility and reputation. From the very beginning, Trump has tried every tactic lawyers can think of to halt this case in its tracks and keep the truth from coming out,”
~ Robert Kaplan, council for E. Jean Carroll.

Donald Trump

E Jean Carroll

Donald Trump was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. Individuals born in the #63 FRI GEM Dayology Signature are great communicators, either visually or verbally. They understand the interactions in the present very well and make good projections from these insights.

E. Jean Carroll was born on a Sunday in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Those born with the #09 SUN SAG Dayology Signature have very distinctive and often adventuresome personalities. They are recognized for viewing the world from a broader context than the average person.

The Sun Signs of Trump and Carroll are opposites on the zodiac wheel. Usually Sun polarites indicate a contrast in personal “styles” that can be extremely exciting in small doses. In the long run these two signs, Gemini and Sagittarius, philosophically generally do not to see “eye to eye.” It’s like the focus of Geminis is as near-sighted as Sagittarius tends to be far-sighted.

Elizabeth Jean Carroll crowned
Miss Indiana University in 1963

One of Donald Trump’s strongest assertions of innocence was that E Jean Carroll wasn’t his “type” implying that he wouldn’t have been sufficiently attracted to her to want to rape her. At that time of the attack Carroll did resemble “the golden girl” that is projected by many women born on Sunday. Trumps first two wives were beauty queens and his present spouse was a European glamour model. In a past Dayology feature it was disclosed that the three Trump wives all have the Sun as their Day Ray. It is not clear if Trump felt these solar females enhanced his social status or he simply enjoys dominating women with strong natures. Maybe it is both!

Is it true that all three of his wives
were born on Sunday? Yes, it is!

Trump’s Three Wives