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More Than a Coincidence?

Boris Johnson is Britain’s new Prime Minister. He certainly has the political savvy to guide the nation, having served in the offices of Member of Parliament, Mayor of London and Foreign Secretary. Still there is more to being a valuable world figure than having been there and done that. Intentions and understandings count, and in these regards Johnson has always been a controversial figure. Currently he is being compared to the renegade American president, Donald Trump. And that is not a flattering  assessment.

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson met at the U.N. General Assembly in 2017. They shook hands and went on their separate ways. It was just then that perceptive journals noticed the similarities between these two men. NPR’s Frank Langfit  stated “Trump famously promised to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep out undocumented immigrants, saying that Mexicans were “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” and “In Britain, Johnson helped lead the Brexit campaign, vowing to take back control of the country’s borders by leaving the European Union, the political and economic union that allows people and goods to move freely among all 28 member states.”  In this regard both are using public fears to serve their own political interests.

Clearly these two men are playing similar roles in their separate countries. The best comparison (so far) comes from They both entered politics from careers in the media. They’re not politically principled. They have turbulent personal lives. They’re clowns. They’ve both made a whole lot of racist, sexist, and Islamophobic statements.” This week the discussion dropped to publishing side by side images of the two men. The sixteen outrageous photos published by  James Caunt and Mindaugas Balčiauskas from boredpanda  are simply not to be missed.

Actually an entire segment of humanity, the the liberal media and it’s loyal followers, are being confounded by the similarities of these two men. Is this similarity just a coincidence?  How alike can two people be? In this quandary we are directly experiencing Dayology, without actually knowing what to call it. Dayology states that people who are born on the same day of the week and in the same zodiac sign have a common life purpose and share similar personal qualities.  And as it happens Trump and Johnson fall into this situation.


 Dayology Analysis

Donald Trump
Boris Johnson


Donald Trump and Boris Johnson were both born in Gemini. This Sun Sign creates individuals with wide interests and timely concerns. They are perceptive communicators sensing how people deal with information. Being right in the middle of things they can be inventive in putting together making new connections and combinations. They must be truthful otherwise they easily create confusion.

These two men were also born on Friday. The Friday Day Ray urges them to use their hearts when making decisions and interacting with others. They may decide to close themselves off because they are sensitive and thin-skinned.  Instead of doing the right thing, they can settle for comfort, security, and riches. Although it may be hard for them to see, they often have issues regarding the treatment of females.

Being a Dayologist, I consider the birth dates in any study between two or more two individuals. As I examined the birthday dynamics of Boris Johnson, I was surprised to find that they are exactly the same as those of Donald Trump. Both of these men were born on Friday and in the Sun Sign of Gemini. Just as a matter of interest the chances are 84 to 1 to this combination occurring between any two persons.

Dayology asserts that the Day Ray reveals our INNER SELF. All of us are naturally good at heart. This spiritual impulse is active when we are young, but over time it becomes distorted by fear and selfishness. Some individuals steer away from their Day Rays. They live senseless and careless lives.  Others invite the expression of their INNER Self. Spirit is kept alive through faith, creativity and service.

Our Sun Sign of a person shows how our OUTER SELF works to achieve our goals in the OUTER WORLD. Factors like heredity, upbringing, and environment certainly effect our lives. That is their purpose. These situations shape the manner in which we experience the world. We use them to define ourselves and treat others, until we can see past them and into more universal considerations.

As though living in the world isn’t difficult enough, what do we get from seeing ourselves as INNER and OUTER SELVES? This innovative outlook helps us to understand ourselves and others as complex beings involved in intriguing experiences. We are here to explore our human dimensions and discover new possibilities for the planet.Those stuck in the OUTER mode live limited existences. Those accessing the INNER energies are spiritually enlivened every day.