The Face of Evil

Today is Saturday. Supposedly it is our day of rest. Last Saturday the white supremacist El Paso shootings demanded our attention and this weekend we learn that the life of a serial pedophile has unexpectedly ended. Neither of these Saturday events could have been anticipated in the twisted forms that they have taken. Suddenly we see that these horrific events are more complicated than ever were we aware.

Yes, these are difficult times, especially for those who are being oppressed and threatened, but also for those who mean well but feel powerless to intervene. We should keep in mind that while certain individuals willingly commit serious crimes they generally have the support of others to spread beliefs, continue the activities and to cover things up. Evil is a complex matter.

This morning Jeffrey Epstein was found unresponsive in his prison cell. At the hospital he was declared dead by suicide. The fact that he was supposedly closely supervised encourages speculation of all kinds. What actually happened? Was Epstein simply unable to face a life sentence?  Was he murdered to prevent the disclosure of what he knew?

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was born on a Tuesday and in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Mars is his Day Ray and INNER ruler and Saturn is his Sun Sign and  OUTER ruler. These two energies, Saturn and Mars, create dynamics for the #34 TUE CAP Dayology signature.

Males born with this signature usually exhibit a tough attitude or brave exterior. Inwardly they are assertive and eager to get things moving. These qualities do not necessarily make them evil, but it does grant the ability to confront and destroy, which can be used for evil purposes. Personal motivation is critical with this signature. It is neccesary to address one’s own failings.

Some individuals utilize the #34 TUE CAP persona to disregard the welfare of others, while pursuing their desire for sensuality, fame. money or, power. Others with this personality type use these gifts to fight for the needy and oppressed.  A fine example of #34 TUE CAP signature is  Martin Luther King Jr. It gave him the determination to face down racial discrimination.

Other #34 TUE CAP Individuals, Kevin Costner and Densel Washington, portray this type of person on film. Shepard Smith tells people what they don’t want to hear every night. Howard Stern walks a very delicate line on the radio. And Elvis Presley struggled with his demons.  Life isn’t exactly easy for those who are ruled by Saturn and Mars, the two fateful planets.

Evil has always been with us. It is actually a part of us. Sometimes our evil overrides our goodness. Anywhere that a person thinks more of themselves than those around them, evil has a foothold. Each one of us is the face of evil, in one degree or another.

Update: Learn more about Epstein’s mysterious accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell. She is currently and nervously awaiting her trial in a U.S. prison.

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